Athletic Dentistry

Its aim is to cure and protect the mouth from facial injuries and sports activities. The mouth guards constitute standard equipment for athletes of all ages. We produce and install individualized splints, which protect athletes from fractures and general injuries.

The three typesof protectivesplintsdentureare:

  • Prefabricated protective splints trades which are ready for use. They are available in three sizes and are sold at sportswear low protection, they wear out easily and need regular replacement
  • Protectivesplintsmaterial.

These are splints which are better adjusted to the teeth than the previous ones, since the splint is initially warmed in boiling water and then put in the mouth and bit until it cools down. These types of splints are better than prefabricated but again do not provide ideal protection, as they may be destroyed after a violent bite during an injury.

  • Protectivesplintsdenturecustomized (Προστατευτικοίνάρθηκεςοδοντοστοιχίαςκατάπαραγγελία)

mouthguard infographic

This type is manufactured just for you in the surgery and provides the most comfortable fit and best protection. Your dentist creates a footprint (mold) of your teeth and then constructs the protective splint on the mold of your teeth. The narthex is completely scentless and hypoallergenic, does not inhibit breathing, can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, and offers excellent protection as it absorbs any vibration at the time of hitting, protecting the teeth that would have been traumatised otherwise.

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