Our philosophy!

Αesthetics constitutes a term-notion, in relation to the perception of beauty. According to Aristotle ΄΄ beautiful is the symmetry, the proportion and the organic order of parts in a single set ΄΄, while Platon identified beauty with kindness, the source of morality. The golden proportion and harmony are steps towards this direction.

Having meanings such as aesthetics and ethics as motive forces, in combination with knowledge, experience and desire, I have fulfilled my vision of creating ORAL AESTHETICS.

My dental clinic featuring the most state-of-the-art equipment, expertise and specialized partners, offers high quality services in the field of both therapeutic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

My team’s goal is the restoration of any minor or major problem with functionality, aesthetics, and the maintenance of effect over time. We focus on a healthy and attractive smile, based on a relationship of trust we develop with our patients.

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